Ethical elegance

Posted on November 19 2016

Kim Short Jumpsuit and hats

For years, Poupette St Barth has been consistently making its mark in the not so big world of trendy luxury beachwear. Indeed, the brand always pushes the door of innovation when it comes to designs, thought out graphics and prints, and carefully selected fabrics. The brand collaborated recently with Joyis London, a hats artisan. Joanna, the founder, has been designing traditionally-made and handcrafted hats for a while. Her Colombian-inspired hats collection is colorful, playful, and feminine, all in the spirit of St-Barth freedom. 


Hats and Poupette St Barth's dresses

Poupette St Barth exhibits Joyis beautifully handcrafted hats that exude ethnic beauty. Each hat consists of charming details and traditional designs. They are made with 100% mawisa palm straw, a natural fiber from La Alta Guajira, in northern Colombia, and 100% cotton. Besides, the hats are handwoven by artists from indigenous communities in ways that are passed down from generation to generation. The brand thus contributes to environment preservation and communities development: may I mention ethical luxury style? Who said one cannot wear an item without feeling guilty of slaughtering a whole bunch of animals, or destroying half a forest by association? The “”Cassi Hat” is woven with the natural palm straw colors, with pastel, pink, blue, lilac, and grey. It is decorated with a 100% cotton pastel, peach, blue, pink and lilac band with three pompoms in peach, blue and grey. Paired with a bohemian style skirt or tunic, you will scream eclectic elegance. You will stroll the beach like the fashionista that you are, guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.


Get your luxurious protection exclusively at the flagship store in Gustavia, courtesy of the house before the holidays. It’s the Holidays before the Holidays at Poupette St Barth! This is your opportunity to step up your resort wardrobe game in a very ethical fashion. It is possible to be all the way glamorous and guilt-free.



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