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Our fabric of choice for the Resort 2017 Collection

Posted on November 06 2016

When comes summertime, it is all about the fabric. If you intend to sway that beach and resort look, try out light-weighted and soft fabrics, they are keys to your fashion style. It screams sun and sand even down to the lava stone jewels. The cotton tropical tunics and dresses immediately give the much pleasant feeling and impression of relaxation.

Lava stone - orange - Necklace

They are light, both by sight and by touch, and they are the kinds of outfit to wear on a day out on the beach with girlfriends. Yes, we're talking outdoor dinner, picnic and things of the sort...

If on the other hand, you prefer short jumpsuits and/or shorties, the viscose print gives them the fancy edge which will make you hard to miss on these streets. Or beaches. The crinkle print on viscose is one of those textures that give this effect of I-do-not-know-what-to-wear while still keeping you looking fancy and relaxed. I especially appreciate it on long jumpsuits. Let me be even more specific: I like in on a “blue poppy” long jumpsuit. Now let us move on to a fabric that every women love. Cotton voile. You do not know what I am talking about here? Think bohemian chic or boho-chic style. Think hipster girl, or even fancy! One can never go wrong with a casual blouse in cotton voile; actually a white cotton voile blouse. If you feel very comfortable, rocking a white cotton voile mini blouse with a blue or red long skirt on the beach you will for sure dazzle everyone around you. 

                    Poupette St Barth - Long skirt and blouse

There is also the alternative of putting a cotton voile (white) blouse with silk satin pants together: if you’re one to go to a different destination every summer, you know better than being insensitive to local culture, and you obviously cover up. That outfit does the trick; you can feel the wind on your body. Plus, we love the sensation of silk on the skin, it's so agreeable, soft and exquisite. And we're pretty sure that everyone does this amazing sensation. Who else has trouble deciding whether they want to be fancy or… silky smooth?


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