3 ways to wear a maxi skirt

Posted on February 20 2017

In Poupette St Barth’s DNA, we find bright colors, precious fabrics and boho shapes. That’s why long skirts are inseparable from our wardrobe. In summer, we tend to prefer short skirts because they are more practical and we want to show some skin. But maxi skirts are probably easier to wear than the mini version. The thing is, you can easily put on an elegant long skirt because it looks good on everyone. It hides shapes you want to hide, it highlights long legs, flies around you with the wind and gives every step you take a bohemian rhythm. But one does not just simply wear a maxi skirt without knowing everything about how to style it.

How to wear a full-length skirt…

… On the beach

It’s probably the trickiest way to wear a long skirt because of the sand. That’s why you can turn your attention on mini skirts which are a little bit shorter than full length and whirl around your ankles. For the top, nothing better than your swimsuit or a bandeau from our lingerie Resort Collection.

White Blue Banana bandeau for your afternoon at the beach 

… In the streets

You cannot always show as much skin in the streets as you do on the beach. Whether you are visiting St Barth harbor or enjoying holidays in New York, you need to cover up a little while staying in a summerish style. And in order to do that, you want to go full boho! Ruffles blouses like our Bobo mini top blouse in black or white are your best friends. It brings out your inner gypsy girl in the classiest way!

Mini Top Blouse Bobo to match with your skirt 

… By night

This is your time to take your longest skirt out. The floor skirt is by far, the classiest, at one condition: having nothing gypsy beside that. And to add a glamorous touch to its traditional boho style, we recommend wearing it with a singlet top. This will make a contrast between the imposing shape of the skirt and the minimalist style of the top. Flora singlet is, for example, what could match your floor length skirt thanks to its subtle shoulder lines, delicate V-neck and gold details.

Singlet Flora for your night out


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