5 summer goals resolutions

Posted on August 07 2017

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On the night of New Year’s Eve, we all make promises we cannot always keep. Stop smoking, start a regular workout… It might seem easy during the first weeks but then, work overwhelm you, you feel tired and might have no time to achieve your goals.
But in summer, it is different. First, your vacation will not be as long as an entire year so you forecast smaller and easier goals to achieve. Then, on summer break, you have plenty of time to do things right. Here are our 5 summer resolutions for this season!


  1. Eat healthier and drink more water

This one is the easiest to achieve. In summer, all we want to do is eat refreshing food. Fruits and raw vegetables are what you crave for the most. To complete your healthy diet, add a little bit of fresh fish but reduce dairy and meat to preserve your stomach (and the planet). Sometimes with the heat, we tend to be less hungry. Learn to listen to your body by eating when you feel the need to. And finally, re-learn to drink water whether it is plain or with tea. We are used to drink a lot of sugary flavored liquids like juices and sodas. But our body really needs water to be healthy and summer is the best time of the year to introduce this habit back in our daily life.


  1. Start to workout again

This looks a lot like a NYE resolution but it is not. If you are not into sports, you can still apply this to yourself. How? Simply because working out in summer is the easiest thing to do. Swimming in the pool or in the sea, walk a little bit everyday to the market, play tennis with your family, go hike on St Barts’ heights, attend a yoga class by the beach… Yes, that is also part of working out!


  1. Visit new places

Whether you are staying in town during your summer break or plan to go away, use this time to go places you have never been.
Discover parts of your city you did not have a chance to visit before (because come on, we could live in the most beautiful city in, take a plane to a brand-new destination you would never thought you would go to. You might be surprised!


  1. Take your time

This resolution seems a little bit odd but it is one the most important. We spend the entire year running around, having big responsibilities at home and at work, keeping the house clean and neat, helping kids growing up safely… Yes, being happy can be quite exhausting. During summer, you can finally take your time to do all the things you simply do not have time to do every day: read a book, take a nap, meditate, go for a walk, relax on your balcony, take a long bath…


  1. Prepare your wardrobe with only the best pieces

Most of us do not go on vacation every day. That is why, when preparing your suitcase, you should only take the best pieces in your closet.
If you go back a bit, resolution number 4 is to be relaxed as much as possible. But being at your best every day is the insurance you will feel beautiful, self-confident and ready to rock during the entire day! Not convinced by what’s in your closet? Do not panic! You will always find pretty stores with treasures inside such as Poupette’s. We can provide you with chic, comfortable and luxury outfit you can wear every day during your holidays. For instance, check out our latest jumpsuits arrivals for a perfect chic and fresh touch.
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