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6 tips to go green while on holidays

Posted on May 04 2017

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Blue sky, translucent water, white sand and wonders of the sea… We all love St Barth’s landscape. This is why its shores are so important to preserve. And sometimes, it just needs a little bit of help from the people who come to visit every year. Because we always try to do our best at home, it matters that we do the same on vacation as well. It’s useless to tell you not to leave your garbage on the sand or throw it in the ocean. But here are some easy tips that you should definitely keep in mind next time you are coming to St Barth, or any destination with a beach!


Eco-friendly attitude by the beach

  • In St Barth or in many other islands, taking a car to go to the beach isn’t necessary. Try walking or biking. You’ll enjoy the landscape so much better and won’t pollute the fresh air you’ve been waiting to breath!
  • Use solar milk instead of oil as sunscreen to prevent the dispersion of this greasy product in the ocean.
  • Into sports? Try sailing or paddle boarding instead of motorized activities. Those can disrupt the marine fauna and flora.

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And on a boat?

If you are into sailing to discover new adventures, you might want to take some notes about the following advices:

  • Look for sandy seabeds to anchor your boat. This way, you won’t touch corals and seaweeds.
  • If you dive, don’t touch! Coral reefs are alive and touching them can seriously damage them.
  • Not into tanning? Wearing a nice blouse with light sleeves might be better than a sunscreen which pollutes water during bathing. And it protects your skin way better against sunburns.

And what about going green on a daily basis?

The shores aren’t the only places where you can preserve nature. Having a green behavior on holidays is important too. Eating delicious local food might seem simplistic, but it’s a good deed for the environment AND local populations. Use reusable dishes and bottles to avoid plastic waste. You’ve spent the day in a pool or in the sea? Take shorter showers! Drinking water is precious and needs to be preserved, especially on islands where goods are imported from far away. Help us preserve what we love so much about our beautiful island!
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