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An enchanting journey in St Barts

Posted on October 15 2016

st barth - sunset

One of the most enchanting thing about St.Barth is the magical sun light. From dawn’s up, until sun down, the sunrise brings one’s body and soul in this truly amazing feeling of sailing through time on an island in paradise.

Experiencing a journey on this island is almost like living a dream. Where the air is pure and where the sea sings calming songs to your ears, where warm breezes wrap your body in comfort and where the scenery is right out of an enchanted tale. You could almost feel like you are floating in line with elements of nature. You breathe  such a pure air and like you could fly in the wind. 

When life brings stress upon us, there is nothing more healing than a caribbean getaway. The many breathtaking beaches of the island, allow us to sit down, unwind and enjoy this amazing feeling of well-being. There is nothing that an afternoon of lounging on the seaside can’t heal. The mind works as if your body is in a total state of relaxation, and your soul will find peace. Take a moment to recenter yourself through meditation, and make one with the purity of the calming air.

Treat yourself to a luxurious vacation and get ready for the escape of a lifetime. Either it’s floating on a yacht in the caribbean sea or in a seafront villa, the fabulous scenery will bring you a sentiment of fulfillment.

After supper take a stroll in the harbor or plunge your bare feet in the warm sand of the seaside, look up and enjoy the starlit sky.

If by any hazard, clouds start parading the blue skies, you will experience the warm breeze of the trade winds, while it whistles through the palm leaves and it will bring comfort by softening the heat.


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