Big Apple to the islands

Posted on January 03 2017

Big Apple - to the Island

This is probably one of the most famous cities of the United States, no actually of the whole world: yes, the hometown of the statue of liberty, or the TV show Friends, New York City! If you are in the city for a few days, make sure you make them count. Stroll the Big Apple’s streets for nice spots of typical local food, for nice and cheap pieces of clothes or even just a breath of fresh air. And all that while dressed to kill!

The huge Central Park simply cannot be missed. That would be like going to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower. The eastern area of the park, Strawberry Fields, is dedicated to John Lennon. The name actually comes from the title of one of the Beatles’ songs, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, and is located between 71 and 74th Streets. Speaking of Italy, artists from the city of Naples designed the black and white IMAGINE mosaic that lies in the center of Strawberry Fields.

PoupetteStbarth - Bohemian style - kaki dress

When out and about, a boho-chic silk satin khaki dress with red graphics would be the appropriate look. It’s a great fit for, you know, the strawberry-themed place; besides the black and white mosaic plus your dress make a great photogenic combination.

Lavastone item

Pair everything with red or orange lava stone bracelet and necklace; they complement your bohemian style well. Now, depending on whether you feel comfortable walking for hours, you can wear sandals or heels. Speaking of walking, Times Square is where you want to go to feel like a movie star on the low, because it is so busy. If you feel adventurous, a mini skirt with embroidered hems and a gypsy top is what you want to wear.

St barth

Match everything with a hat; a wide-brimmed one at that. If not, go with a viscose long skirt. It is so comfortable you can wear that exact same boho look to the Upper West Side of Manhattan; Grand Bazaar NYC has pieces you’ll not find anywhere else, and at reasonable prices. Besides, the vendors also offer choices of custom-made and new handcrafted items. Doesn’t it feel like St Barth all over again?



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