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Couple Tips To Sail Around St. Barts

Posted on August 25 2016

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Beaches are not just for beach bums. St. Barthélemy provides a lush experience of exciting beach life, outdoor activities and crisp white sails on the ocean. When most people are stuck in the endless circle of city life there are among us who remain young and adventurous at heart. We crave for wide open spaces and exciting activities. So, searching for the perfect place to enjoy this lifestyle can be difficult. Exciting opportunities that challenge our skills, test our minds and bodies and push our adrenaline levels to new heights is all that we desire.

But where can a person find a place where there is spectacular ocean filled with promise and a beach that is not crowded? In short, it can only ever be the island of St. Barts.   A place steeped in history and a vibrant culture that encourages the visitor to explore its dynamic environment and abundant activities.

St. Barthélemy provides a unique way of exploring the waters that surround it. The clear, blue ocean is inviting to sailors who love their yachts and love to explore its depths and distances under the warm, shining sun.   In fact, there is nothing else they would rather be doing, not even a cold beer under a palm tree can lure them away. St. Barts has attracted many yachting fraternities and international race circuits who all share a common philosophy in their love for sailing. Compete in a regatta or surf the waves, St. Barts also showcases many beach activities for you to enjoy.

Fourteen beaches surrounded by hotels, restaurants and filled with activities.   Let yourself be challenged if you love water sports or enjoy fishing, surfing, snorkelling or swimming. Deep stretches of white sand beaches are highlighted by exciting weekend festivities or remote private reefs perfect for snorkelling or picnicking .

After a long day of strenuous activity don’t forget to pamper yourself by taking advantage of the spas that offer deep massages and relaxing treatments in the company of your friends. It will help you ease your way into another day of excitement for you on land or in the water.

People who visit St. Barts feel at home, knowing that they can always discover new things, enjoy sunny beaches and experience the power of the ocean in all its glory just as easily as having a beer enjoying a gorgeous sunset. With so many things to do, no wonder my camera is always out of my bag as soon as I hit the beach.


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