Don’t know where to travel?

Posted on September 01 2016

Who doesn’t love to travel? For almost everyone, travelling is not only about getting to a place and enjoying oneself but also about learning new cultures, and exploring the nature and history of the destination. It’s said that every place has its own flavour! When you plan to travel, the most important question that comes to mind is, ‘Where should I go?’

A luxurious stay near a beach hugged by calming blue waters and the warm, summer sun kissing your shoulders is something many of us desire. Well, it can be just as easily found on the island of St. Barthélemy. St. Barts lies in the beautiful Caribbean and is blessed with beautiful sunny weather, gently rolling surf, and breezy palm trees. It’s famous for beaches, beautifully designed villas, wildlife, fashion, culture, food and sailing. It’s history and vibrant culture add an excitement that begs to be discovered.

Did I get your attention yet? No? well let’s see, St Barts is also known for its most spectacular luxurious accommodations and the pure waters and beaches that surround it. Being on the water is a popular past time where people who love to travel sail by in their yachts and dance on the music of the waves. The delicious food with French and Creole influences have also encouraged many food festivals and opportunities for the discerning gourmand. Like the fashion and the music, the food of St. Barts has its own history and culture. One can miss out on the fashion, but no one can possibly miss out on the sumptuous food that makes your tastebuds tingle every time you smell the delicious aromas wafting around.

St. Barts isn’t just for the rich and famous, it's also for adventurous people like us and we can’t risk in missing out on the adventures like scuba diving, sailing, surfing and swimming. After a long day of exciting activities, there is nothing like the peace and tranquillity of listening to the waves along the shoreline. It will make you fall in love with nature and its splendid diversity. Under the moonlight on a sandy beach… It’s going to be one amazing experience, isn’t it?

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