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Posted on September 07 2016

St Barth

When it comes to islands, one island stands apart from the rest. St. Barthélemy is also a paradise. St. Barts attracts many travellers from all over the world and even celebrities flock to its unspoilt beaches to enjoy the local flavours. A day by the beach isn’t the only attraction on St. Barts, many travellers love to return to experience the food, ambience and the festivals that draw upon the rich culture and history of the island.

Boat - stbarth

St. Barts also provides a spectacular experience for yacht lovers. Whether you are a professional sailor who competes in regattas or someone who loves deep sea fishing, St. Barts is famous for hosting many races and events draw a growing international clientele to its harbour. What makes it more unique is the charming sunny weather that any yacht or beach lover would love. Who couldn’t love it hmm? Sailing on a yacht with beer in one hand and the sun smiling on you while the ocean breeze plays with your senses… Delightful!

Even more, St Barts provides luxurious and spacious beach houses and villas so you can truly enjoy some quality time with your friends and family on the island. You can spend a day exploring the island and it beaches, shopping for designer clothes, dining at a fancy restaurant, or enjoying the sunset in Lurin.

If you are a night owl, you should visit St. John’s Bay popular among party animals and celebrities. Hotels like Eden Rock and night clubs like Nikki Beach are waterfront hotspots are designed to provide you with a rocking great time. The nightlife is buzzing all year round and as most of the bars and clubs are along the waterfront, the moonlight and the sound of the ocean become part of the music that night owls enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to spend the rest of the night under the moonlight and wake up to the cool breezes wafting in from the shores?

What about the wildlife? St Barts is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna and many explorers fall in love with nature all over again. Taking a guided tour or just meandering through a nature trail on your own is what many visitors enjoy. The beauty and variety of the environment that hosts exotic wildlife begs to be discovered.

St Barts is a hot-weather playground for the glamour set, but there’s no reason why you can’t also spend a week with your toes in the sand or air-kissing over a glass of rosé.

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