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Fashion tips: 5 ways to wear your swimsuit in town

Posted on June 20 2017

Navy bando - Poupette St Barth


Time to pack for your holidays. And something tells us you might not need as many tops as you thought for this summer! With the bodysuit trend invading our closets, some of them could be traded for a one-piece swimsuit. Super practical to go from the morning market to the beach without going back to your holiday villa, this look is going to be adopted by a lot of women and girl this summer. 
If you are more of a bikini-type, you will not be left out! Just follow our guide!

How to wear your swimsuit…

…With a skirt

A long or shorter skirt, this is your call. But we recommend going for colorful or monochrome outfits. Let the Baywatch spirit invade you with a true red one-piece for instance, and a matching ruffle mini-skirt. With a long one, play it sensual with a perforated swimsuit.


… With shorts


One-piece is your best shot when you already plan on wearing short bottoms, because you do not want to show both belly and legs in the city. We love the bright combination between our boxer short Eva in pink and banana colorway with a one-piece swimsuit in white or neutral shade.


… With a dress or a jumpsuit

You might have a see-through dress or revealing low-necked jumpsuit in your closet you dream of wearing since forever but never knew how to. Well, it is time to bring it with you this summer! You have got two options: a sober and neutral bandeau bikini or an indented crochet swimsuit. Great interplay of transparency, shades and textures.


… With pants


Pant Flora - Navy & Copper colorway - Poupette St Barth

Sportswear is also one of the biggest trend in 2017. Our Flora pants in the navy and copper colorway has perfect matches: spongy and comfy neoprene bikini top in white, matching navy blue or any colors you might like.


… With a kimono

A long floral kimono combined with a crochet swimsuit is one of the most glamorous look you could achieve while on holidays. Choose it carefully since you do not want it to be too transparent or badly shaped. Tropical prints are a must-have this season and you will love to wrap it quickly around your waist above your favorite one-piece before heading to the newest classy restaurant in town.


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