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Posted on July 26 2017

St barth spirit for the city . Unless your dress is full of embroideries, accessories are absolutely required. For a casual but chic look, we advise you to pick a small shoulder bag with a long strap. Brown, beige, nude… Choose a neutral color. Play with summer scarves around your wrists, used as a belt or wrapped around your messy bun. Shoes are also quite

You are not going to the beach this year? Well, fashion is a great and easy way to really feel summer without jumping on a plane.  At Poupette, we got you covered with this casual and chic everyday look you can wear in the city and still feel like you are on a sandy beach. The Blabla dress in blue is, for instance, one of our favorite for the job.  The tropical cotton is perfectly shaping your body while the neckline and upper back is beautifully embellished by pink fringe, seashells and gold embroidery, giving this simple dress a strong personality.  Bibi or Eva mini dresses are also perfect to achieve a bohemian look if you are going for something more original than the traditional long white dress. But even if you are really into our white Ida dress (you know, the graceful one with the amazing tassels), just try accessorizing it a little bit.

DRESS BLABLA - BLUE                    MINI DRESS BIBI - RED                    MINI DRESS EVA - RED ARROW

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