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Give your flat a holidays atmosphere

Posted on September 25 2017

Transforming your flat into a stylish zen bubble


Back to work everybody! It is probably time to go back to the office and to your everyday routine. But does it have to be bland and depressing? Of course not, especially if you surround yourself with good vibes and a holiday-like environment. Follow our guide to transform your flat (it also works for your bedroom or living-room) in a temple of peace and relaxation, just as a villa by the beach in St-Barth.

Use colorful and ethnic patterns

Much like in a Poupette collection, ethnic patterns give the right tone to a room. Mexican fabrics, Native American prints, Japanese Seigaiha waves, Indonesian batiks… Traditional patterns can be found in many forms such as rugs, pillows or tablecloth for instance. We encourage you to wear your summer clothes anytime you want. Our mini dress Bobo in Orange Poppy makes a perfect outfit to chill at home with friends and family.



Create a relaxation space

In hotels, villas or bungalows, everything is made so you can feel comfortable and relaxed. At home, you need to build yourself a « zen bubble » where you can take the time to do whatever you want from reading, to writing to just thinking about yourself. A hammock in the veranda, a boudoir for tea-time, a reading corner cut-off from the world… Choose your relaxation space wisely.


Relaxing Living Space


Raw materials

Driftwood, seashells, rattan… Buy raw materials for your interior decoration. It will bring authenticity and create an oasis of freshness, far away from the loud and polluted city. Of course, you do not have to use them everywhere but just add a touch of holidays in the details with a rattan seat, a driftwood lamp stand or a straw basket for your magazines.


Raw Materials Decoration


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