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How to choose your Summer dress according to your body shape

Posted on January 17 2017


When it comes to Summer clothes, the struggle is the same as for any other outfits. You need to know exactly what suits you best. Dresses are not as difficult as pants to choose, but still, it does not mean there are no rules to follow. Since everybody is different, not all dresses and tunics fits you perfectly.
And to find the perfect Summer dress, here is our prescription:


You are tall and looking for a Summer dress

Tall women need to show some legs. The perfect outfit to pace St-Barts’ streets and beaches is a short and colorful dress with exotic prints.

Mini Dress Bibi for your beach day


Or maybe a short girl searching for a nice Summer tunic

Long is not an option when you are petite either. Above-the-knee dress with details on the chest highlights your silhouette without tamping it.
Use bright colors to give your body dimension.

Dress Tunic Jolie to highlight your silhouette

For an athletic woman

Because you don’t want to attract the eyes on your shoulders who might be square, avoid thin straps or bustier. Instead, choose embroidered or curled-shaped short sleeves.

Mini Dress Sasha for a walk

 If you have a pear-shaped body type

Small shoulders and large hips: you must show those assets. Bustier dress, belted waist and kimono-like clothes are your best friends to highlight what’s prettiest in your body shape.

Dress Beline to enjoy the sun

What about highlighting your curves?

Chubby women don’t have to be afraid to show some curves. Your Summer clothes are here to prove you can dress with whatever outfit you want.
But what fits you better are V necks and 
vaporous dress you can belt with a light scarf on your waist.

Dress Aba will fit you perfectly


If you have a H-shaped morphology

You are the kind of girl who can perfectly rock a very long dress while shopping in St-Barts. The fabric matches the bony shapes of your body to soften them and makes you look slenderer.

Long Dress Gota for your shopping day

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