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How to dress for a pool party?

Posted on July 17 2017

Gota long dress - Poupette St Barth


When days are getting really hot, one of the best parties to throw is one where guests can gather around a fresh pool. That is why pool parties were invented. Colorful snacks, fruit cocktails and music: here goes your perfect sunny afternoon. Whether you are going to swim or not, swimsuit is a must wear for that kind of event (being thrown in the water is never excluded, right?). But what about the rest of your outfit? We found out exactly what you need to be the most glamorous guest (or host) around the pool!


Wear light clothes

It might seem a bit obvious, but wearing thick clothes is totally excluded for a pool party. First of all, those parties are usually thrown when the weather is very warm. Your clothes have to make you feel refreshed and comfortable all day long. Jumping in the pool, being splashed… Getting wet is quite common. Light clothes tend to dry faster. Linen and cotton are pretty cozy to wear for those occasions.


Choose loose clothing

For the same reasons mentioned above, wearing tight clothes might be uncomfortable. Your skin needs to breathe and you have to feel totally free to move, especially if you are not going to swim and will stay under the sun all day. Sweating is not very chic after all. Opt for a loose dress swirling around your legs without oppressing your waist. Mid length is preferable to walk around safely.


Stay casual

A pool party is the kind of relaxed event everybody attends in a casual mood. You should not try to be too glamorous or too sexy. The atmosphere is already special, so you do not have to look like you are trying too hard to fit in. High-waisted pants and crop top are way more elegant than denim shorts and bralette. Avoid high heels and go barefoot or wear flat sandals. Choose your clothes with those three words: comfortable, practical and fun.


Poupette’s favorite pool party look


Necklace pearl & crystal - White & pink colorway - Poupette St Barth

Here at Poupette, we do love a good pool party. Best friends, fun atmosphere, great memories too keep… And for that, no need to be at your best. Our favorite pool party outfit requires white and silver Flora singlet combined with white Ines shorts to feel comfy and refreshed all day long. But don’t get us wrong, we love a little touch of fun: our white and pink pearl and crystal necklace brings the right amount of bright color the look needs. 


Outfit selection for your next pool party

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