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How to fight post-holiday blues?

Posted on April 26 2017

Beline dress - Poupette St Barth

You just came back to the office after Easter break and here you are, thinking about going away again. You thought you did it all right by taking so many pictures to remind you those good times, you tanned just the way you wanted so your skin is glowy and bright before summer… But still, you want to go back ASAP. So how can we face effectively this post-holiday depression? The first day after holidays can be one of the worst days of the year. If you stretched your holidays until the last minute, you are probably still jet-lagged or can’t stop thinking about all the dirty clothes waiting in your luggage to be washed. Your mailbox is full of requests, you have to catch everything up before the next business meeting and your problems remained the same. Thereby, the positive vibes you have been surrounded by during those last days are already gone. But is it inevitable?

Here are some tips to forget holidays are already over!

See your holidays as part of a series of great adventures to come

Yes, holidays are over. But you will travel again! All the enjoyable moments you’ve experienced will stay forever in your memory. No reason to feel bad when you know you have so much to discover. Plus, would holidays still be holidays if they lasted all year long? Planning your next trip might be a way to stop thinking about the one you’ve just came back from. So get back on track and start looking for new adventures!

Introduce elements from your trip into your daily life

At home or at the office, it’s important to keep things that remind you good memories for a soft transition. Whether you brought sand or seashells back, try to find a container or a way to expose them where you can see them even unconsciously. And if you would rather shop for clothes than for souvenirs, try to buy some pieces that will also fit with your regular look. One of our Flora pant or long jumpsuit will fit perfectly in your weekend wardrobe for instance. You can also go for pretty dresses with prints reminding you of traditional costumes, pearls and shells necklace, light and bright clothes… Everything to make you feel like you are still on holidays.

Pant Flora - White Black Banana colorway - Poupette St Barth       Long Jumpsuit Flora - Black & Gold colorway - Poupette St Barth
Flora pant & long jumpsuit to keep your Holiday spirit

Make your holidays last longer

Do you relive your holidays everytime somebody is asking you to tell how it went? Well, to make them last forever, find a way to talk about them. Online through a blog or Instagram throwback pictures. For yourself in a diary or by creating short movies or photo albums. Same thing goes with the food. You probably discovered so much during your travel and tasted new exotic flavors. Make them discover to your friends and family too! You’ll spend many more moments holidays-related.

And don’t forget, when one break is over, another one is right around the corner! #SummerIsComing


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