How to get a great Instagram feed during the holidays?

Posted on February 06 2017


You’ve been waiting for this moment all year long and it’s finally happening: your plane takes off and flies to paradise-land. Whether you are spending your dream holidays here in St Barth or in the charming mountains of Switzerland, there’s this one thing you are obviously going to do: take pictures and share them on social medias. But there is a way to highlight properly the best moments of your vacations. Here are some tips to improve your Instagram feed during the holidays.


Create unity for a harmonious Instagram account

What you need to know first is that there are two ways to look at an Instagram gallery. The first one is picture by picture when they appear on other people’s feed. The second one is the trickiest! Some of your followers might want to get a bigger picture and look at your feed in general. Meaning, they are going to see what your gallery looks like and you need to make it look harmonious. Choose one or two Instagram filters and stick to it. Play with luminosity and contrasts but always keep in mind what your other pictures look like. Think about a theme for your next 6 pictures so the color changing isn’t too brutal. For example, begin with sea shades: blue water, white bando-bra and sand. Then, change a little bit with some deep green from palm tree leaves and the delicious salad you ate at your hotel.
Finally, introduce other colors with subtle touches: orange cocktails, coral swimsuit, pink sunset or summer tunic and yellow printed towels. The key for bright colors and neat shapes? Always have a great light. And don’t forget to write efficient but pretty captions.


Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in the picture

We know those landscapes are breathtaking. And we also know being behind the camera or the phone means you won’t appear anywhere in your pictures. But it’s time to include yourself and create memories you’re in! That does not mean taking selfies everywhere you go (please stop that) but adding your own touch so people who watch your Instagram account know more about your personality and your tastes. Because your social medias are all about you. If you’re not comfortable with being in front of the camera, there are billion ways to stay natural on holiday pictures. First, use what is in your suitcase and what you find around you. It could be your jumpsuit laying on the sheets of your bed, details of your summer scarf on a rock facing the ocean or your hands holding a coconut with a lava stone bracelet around your wrist. Like our beautiful muses on Poupette St Barth Instagram gallery, allow yourself to be the star of your snaps. Looking for seashells on the beach or walking around a rain forest in a bright red tunic (contrasts, remember?)… Let your family and friends take photograph of you but never strike a pose. Holidays are made to be relaxed, don’t fake a smile!


Mini dress Bibi for your perfect instagram pic


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