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How to include a summery touch to your fall/winter looks?

Posted on January 30 2017


While we are all wrapped up in warm coats, all we can think about is beachy looks and flowers in our hair. But we still have a long way to go until our feet can finally pace the white sand of St Barth. And unless you are one of the lucky ones who take a winter break in February, your crop tops and vaporous dresses will have to stay in the closet a little longer. But is it really fatality? Can’t we just add a little summer vibe to our everyday looks?


Bringing some sun to face the cold and our darkest thoughts through fashion

 Let’s face it: we love putting back our cashmere cardigans and velvet skirts, being wrapped in comfy blankets and wearing dark nails matching burgundy lips when fall comes. But as soon as Christmas is gone, the « let’s be cosy by the chimney » spirit goes away with it. Then, blue sky, warm sun and palm trees thoughts are filling our heads. Did you know Vitamine D produced by the Sun was essential to increase our immune system and good for our bones? Well, it is also good to keep a peaceful and joyful mind. That’s why having that little something that reminds us that summer is around the corner is so important.


Accessorizing is the key

Time to bright up your wardrobe a little bit with accessories that match everything. Fight the cold with a big coat but let the sunny vibe gets into you underneath. Your traditional gold bangles go too well with a lava stone bracelet to keep you from taking it out of the summer closet. Same thing goes with scarves. We all love knitted scarves but we also do love having colors around our neck. And guess what we can easily trade? You got it! Summer scarves are literally pieces of sun that brighten your entire outfit thanks to their lovely shades, cute tassels and light fabric.
Bring it on winter! Our skin and mind are finally breathing and embracing the last cold months before spring without any signs of impatience!


Scarf Chacha to add a summer touch


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