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How to make your flight more comfortable

Posted on May 23 2017

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We often take some time to prepare and pack for holidays. Your suitcase is full with everything you need from swimsuits to beauty bag. The day before the flight, you think you have it all. But do you really? Did you ask yourself about the stuff you might need during the trip to your final destination? This is not a question that can be taken lightly. Sometimes, the journey lasts more than 5 hours and you need to feel comfortable. Especially if you’re travelling by plane. The pressure, the seats, the noise, the dull food… All of this combined can make the trip really unpleasant. And you clearly don’t want to start your holidays in a bad mood.

1. Make a list

You probably made a to take list for your suitcase, we recommend that you make one for your handbag and cabin baggage as well. Magazines, notebook, pen, iPod, chewing-gum… Write down everything you might need to spend a pleasant trip especially if it is going to last a long time. Before boarding, think about buying some snacks you really like. And don’t forget to bring anything that will help you escape the noise or the boredom.

2. Think about what you are going to wear

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Wearing a comfy outfit is mandatory when you are travelling. Forget your pair of jeans and tight t-shirt. Heels or strappy sandals even more! In an airplane, it’s all about fluid and elastic fabric. Leggings, light pants and hoodies are required. And yes, you will also need something to keep you warm because the zircon never stops in the air. A scarf, a sweater and comfy socks are required if you don’t want to land with a cold. As for the shoes, your feet are going to swell. You should opt for sneakers. Our tip: choose also comfortable underwear because you don’t want to feel compressed. You should avoid bra armature for instance. Shorty and bandeau can be way more comfortable.


3. Take care of your skin

Because the air is different on a plane, you might feel your face dry and dull during and after the flight. Take products to avoid this effect and to come out fresh, clean and rested. If you are staying more than 5 hours in the plane, remove your makeup with cleansing wipes. Then, use a moisturizer to sooth your skin and protect her against the aircon and the dust. You can also bring a sheet-mask which is going to take care of your skin instantly and will leave it smooth and bright. Of course, don’t forget to choose carefully since you are not allowed to bring bottles exceeding more than 3.4 oz.




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