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Nude is the new black

Posted on May 10 2017

Kim shirt - Poupette St Barth

Looking for new clothes to buy before flying to your next adventure this summer? Good thing that you are here, we just have what you need. Poupette’s spring collection is all about finding your own self without artifice. Our trick? Wearing nude. If black and white will forever stay our basic favorites, nude and beige are the most summery shades of all. And for a simple reason: whether you have caramel or porcelain skin, your complexion is entirely part of you and you have to embrace it, especially in summer when clothes are getting shorter.

How did nude become essential?

Kimo dress - Natural colorway - Poupette St BarthWhen many wouldn’t dare to wear this natural color, others have already adopted this trendy style. With jeans, laces, high heels or flat boots, on a jacket or a shirt… Very neutral, this shade matches all kind of outfits and style. Nude is sensual and elegant at the same time. With the right accessories, you can wear it for a cocktail party or in a total boho spirit on the beach side. 

No need then to think too much when nude is involved. For example, take our Kimo dress. Made of leather fabric, the suede material is soft to touch and light to wear. Perfect for the summer, you can pair it with a loose denim jacket for a beachy style or with a leather perfecto for more rebel vibes. Its beige shade fits every skin color. It brings out pale complexion and makes tanned skin even more caramelized.

How to wear nude?

As we told you, saying beige is hard to wear is like saying your skin doesn’t match any other color. Therefore, it’s easy to find shades to match your Kimo dress or singlet top: grey, camel, kaki, white, pink… See how easy it is to find something in your closet to match it! But be careful because this natural color also has a really romantic connotation. Find modern clothes and straight cuts to go with it and slice through the girly touch.

You are ready to go!

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