Pieces of advice to pack smartly for the holidays

Posted on February 27 2017

When it comes to packing, not everybody has the skills to do it in an organized way. But it’s something you can change thanks to some quick tips and it comes with three principal steps. All you need now is a notebook, a suitcase and a destination.


Step 1: your destination

Forget everything you think you know about the place you’re going to and do some actual research. If you’re going to a tropical country like St Barth, the rules might be a little different from a regular beach. Temperatures are high but the air is moist. You might want to adapt your skin and hair care routine. Since it’s going to be hot, you need to cover the fragile parts of your skin such as shoulders with a summer tunic. And if you’re coming from May to November, you might want to bring a light raincoat for the monsoon. You should also check the activities available there. Are you mostly going to chill by the beach, hike into the rainforest or pace through the old Town? Those activities have special needs when it comes to outfits and accessories.

Step 2: the to-take list

It might seem a little old-fashioned but if you really think about it, nothing is clearer in your mind than when it’s written down. And don’t start your list the day you decide to prepare everything. Those things take time to be well-organized and something could come up in your head several days after you have made your to-take list. But when you’re already on your way to the airport, it’s too late! So take your time to make sure you did not forget anything. This list includes: what to take in your vanity, which clothes you want and need to bring (that’s why the first step is so important), and everything extra from cell phone battery to towels or anti-mosquito spray. Don’t forget to look for travel kits which are so practical when it comes to cream, shampoo and other hair and skin care you might need, because you DON’T need an entire bottle of shampoo for a week, do you?
If you need to pack a small suitcase, mostly choose clothes you can wear with anything. It will in fact be easier to go with monochromatic outfits. Also think about what you want to wear every day and don’t bring more. You won’t have time to wear everything.

Pant Flora, a cozy piece that will fit with your summer wardrobe

Step 3: organize your suitcase

Before you put everything inside, just check if your luggage is the perfect one for the trip you’re about to take. Big bags are great for a city-break, but trolley-case are much better if you stay a little bit longer. Especially if you are bringing hard case, which is waterproof and shock-resistant (think about the trip your luggage is going to take in the plane). Use compartments and little travel and beauty kits to separate everything.
Our best storage tip? Don’t fold the laundry, roll it. This way, you’ll earn much more space, and can now bring extra clothes or accessories. Plus, you can hide precious stuff between two rolls. Wrap your shoes in a plastic bag to protect other clothes from them and don’t forget to bring an extra bag to store your dirty laundry!


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