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What to do in St-Barts during the heat wave or monsoon days

Posted on January 13 2017

Difficult not to find the perfect time to spend your holidays in St-Barts. The sexiest island of the Caribbean with its inimitable French style offers all the assets every traveller needs: 22 dreamy beaches, luxury shopping, exquisite food served in an exceptional setting… In addition to this, the island has a stable and mild climate all year long. But whether you decide to come for Winter break or during the Summer, there are going to be days when sunbathing on the beach won’t be an option. Typical monsoon of the rain season or strong heat, you need to find what to do in these situations.


Don’t let the tropical rain spoil your stay in the West Indies

When you prepared your trip, all you could think about was diving into the turquoise sea of the Caribbean and now the journey is ruined because of the monsoon. Well, what about exploring St-Barts sea wonders without getting wet?
Embark on the Yellow Submarine from Gustavia’s pier and let it bring you to tropical fish shoals, turtles and sharks. But discovering nature isn’t all you can do on an island. The Caribbean is also known for its traditional cuisine. Add some French touch to it and you get St-Barts sophisticated taste. Fold the sleeves of your Bibi blouse and start cooking a local meal with your family and guests assisted by a chef who will tell you all there is to know about fresh fishes and salad seasoning « à la St-Barth » during an exclusive cooking class.

Top Blouse Bibi for a cooking class


Enjoy the island even when it’s too hot

You dream about summer all year long and when it’s here, heat can strike hard. Before thinking about staying in your villa under the air con during dog days, there’s one thing you need to treat right (because this is what holidays are all about): your body.
And doing nothing but tanning on the beach isn’t the only option to recharge your batteries. All you need now is to put on the comfy Bobo poncho dress and make an appointment in one of the luxury hotel spas of St-Barts. Pamper yourself with a massage, a skin treatment, a haircut or a manicure, flee the stifling weather and forget about everything else.
And if you’re in a more active than passive type of holidays there’s this one thing you can do: join the closest fitness center in your area. It’s not all about performance.
Put yourself back together by unwinding and meditating with the best coaches of the West Indies in a sports club with a view on the wonders of the island.
And of course, shopping therapy is also recommended for peace of mind so come say hello to our store located on Gustavia’s harbor.

Dress Poncho bobo for your Spa day

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