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The perfect summer diet to stay refreshed

Posted on July 10 2017

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We all know what it’s like to be waiting for summer holidays. From the beginning of April until the departure, we have one goal in mind. For some of us, there is an additional motivation: to achieve the famous « beach body » we dream about all year long.
But once it is time to pack and we are ready to leave the office for exciting adventures, it can be tricky to figure out what to eat to stay fit, refreshed and still please ourselves with food. Well, guess what? We have good news for you. During summer, we tend to eat less because of the hot weather and since we are usually less bored (yes, snacking comes easier when you are watching Netflix or trying to figure out stuff in front of your computer). But the temptations are still on! Instead of depriving yourself, learn how to make the balance. No, this vanilla and white chocolate ice-cream is not that bad IF you ate properly during the day. Raw vegetables are the best to fight the heat, especially the ones who are filled with water like cucumbers and tomatoes. But beware of them! Too much water makes the belly swell. 

Fond of barbecues? Zucchinis, eggplants, corn cobs, peppers… Season them with spices to give them more flavor. Of course, nothing prevents you from eating French fries, pasta and meat. But did you know that it takes way more energy to digest them? More energy spent also means more heat to your body. Include carbs in small quantities to feel better and lighter during the day.
At night, the best way to sleep well is to eat a light dinner. Salads and gazpachos are your best friends.


What do I do if I love appetizers?

Summer is the best season to invite your friends around nice cocktails and food you can eat with your fingers. But we all know how calorific those dinners are and how tough it is to stop yourself from eating a bunch of tasty appetizers. If you are hosting one of those events, choose the ingredients carefully. Avoid mayonnaise and other industrial sauces. Hummus, olives relish and fromage frais to dip your veggies and grissini are way better! Add skewers with mozzarella and tomatoes, chicken marinated or goat cheese and ham and you’ve got your healthy aperitif dinner party!


And what about dessert?

Of course, fruits are your best allies. Like cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe are sweet, refreshing and make the perfect, healthy snack. When it comes to fruit drinks, you should be a little bit more careful. Blending fruits together makes delicious smoothies and juices. But it only gives you fructose, sugar that comes from fruits. To really absorb all the benefits peaches and apricots can give you for instance, we recommend drinking beverages coming from a juice extractor. This way, vitamins, fibers and everything good in the fruit are preserved.


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