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Summer DIY beauty tips for your skin and hair

Posted on June 27 2017

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Heat, salty water, chlorine, the sun, sweat… In summer, your skin and hair are strained! After a long day by the beach, you can feel the dryness of your skin, your hair ends up splitting and is harder to brush. This is absolutely normal. Even if you are used to live under the sun, our skin is not made to handle all the elements that it faces in summer.
It needs to drink and be fed everyday (and up to twice a day for some people). Same thing goes with your hair.
Yes, those beach waves are really attractive during the first days. But salty water and sun are not the best elements when it comes to haircare. Soon, you will feel the rough texture under your fingers, and you will know that something is not good. But if you follow our tips, you will be able to avoid lizard skin and rough hair ends.


For your skin

  1. Refresh

After a day under the sun, you skin took in a lot. Whether you have a sunburn or not, it was exposed to high temperatures and needs to cool off a little bit. Aloe vera, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon… Storage those ingredients in a refrigerator and apply them on your skin after your shower. Insist where you felt the burn during the day. It mostly should be on the shoulder/breast area. Our favorite hack is to pour aloe vera gel in an ice tray and then let it freeze in the freezer. It works as a miracle on sunburns. You can also store a wet towel in the fridge to create a cooling cloth. Use it on your skin especially if you have a headache or sunstroke after spending the day in the heat.

  1. Feed

Once your skin feels better and is cooler, it still needs to be nourished and hydrated. And to achieve that, nothing is better than natural oil or butter. Coconut is one of the best solution since this fruit regenerates itself in nature. But avocado, argan, jojoba, olive oil or shea butter are also perfect! Your face and body need this treatment to feel soothed. Massage the oil into your skin after showering and let it penetrate. Do not forget your feet because they walked on hot sand all day long and need kindness.


For your hair

  1. Repair

Every night, apply oil and balm on your hair to make sure it will not get too dry. Of course, not on the scalp skin, but rather on hair lengths and ends. We recommend using natural oils since they are better for yourself and the environment. Plus, it smells extremely good without adding chemical perfumes. If you are going to swim every day, you do not really need to rinse it afterwards. Let it coat and penetrate the fiber and give you a wild look.

  1. Protect

Having beautiful hair during the holidays requires attention. Not only you have to take care of it at night, but you also need to protect them from the heat during the day. Applying oil on hair lengths before going to swim protects them against sea salt and chlorine. 

You do not have argan oil in your beach bag? Not a problem! Use few drops of monoï and massage it into your hair lengths, it does the job perfectly!


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