Tell me what’s in your suitcase, I will tell you who you are

Posted on March 08 2017

Bag on a beach - St Barth

You could look into one’s suitcase and find something totally different from what’s inside yours, even if the destination is the same. And there is an explanation to that: we are all different, we all have our rituals and going on holidays together does not mean we are going to apprehend the trip in the same way. Let’s find out what is your packing personality!

The light-packer

When you are taking a vacation, all you want to do is leave your problems at home. And with it, everything that could interfere with your getaway. You are the kind of person who plans to wear casual outfits that match everything all week and take only one night-dress for a special occasion. In other words, you could be the one that best understands what holidays are all about. A big plus is that you always have room to bring back new clothes.
What’s in your suitcase: denim shorts, jumpers and a white blouse.

The kit-master packer

Everything in your life has its own place, so do your summer clothes and accessories. Before going on a trip, you often find out that the best solution to store your makeup and skincare products is to use different bags. You start with your makeup bag, then your hair care bag, skincare bag, lingerie bag, high-tech bag... And the list goes on. The main advantage is that you master everything and you will not miss a thing.
What’s in your suitcase: bags, bags and bags. As well as very light clothes to fit in.

The “messy” packer

Two situations: you are a bit messy or you sometimes have a hard time choosing. The result is obviously more complicated than for others. There are too many clothes to wear in a small amount of time. Plus, if you decide not to pick matching clothes, dressing up could end up being a bit difficult. However, you do not need to be completely organized, as you should stay relaxed before going away. But taking your time to think about your suitcase before leaving allows more freedom and less surprises during the holidays.
What’s in your suitcase: printed pants, colorful tops, summer tunics… In short, a nice panel of everything you own and 3 or 4 actual outfits.

Dress Tunic Bibi - Scuba Blue colorway - Poupette St Barth
A no-brainer that you need in your suitcase: Bibi dress tunic

The too-organized packer

Going on a trip with a messy-packer could be challenging for you. Or it could be the opportunity to study a different spirit. Once you know you are going on vacations, you plan everything on paper. Doing research about the destination weeks ago, making a schedule to buy everything you need, packing outfit by outfit in cases (you have something in common with the kit-master), weighing your suitcase… The packing process is part of the trip. You can then release the pressure!
What’s in your suitcase: perfectly matching outfits for everyday. This nice singlet goes along perfectly with boxer shorts for your beach day and you already plan on wearing your maxi dress with the summer scarf you spotted on Poupette’s website which is on its way to you right before you take off!

Scarf Chacha - Blue & blue colorway - Poupette St Barth 
Last purchase before leaving: Chacha scarf

The back-packer

You are the type of person who goes on holidays to discover the world and not only to chill. That is why you need a backpack to move quickly. Regarding beauty, you take only what you need because shampoo bottles and skin care pots are heavy. Instead, you prefer to keep room for a pair of trainers and a sweater for cold nights.
What’s in your suitcase: practical clothes you can wear for any activities such as jumpsuits, mini dresses and a swimsuit.

Mini dress Eva - Red arrow colorway - Poupette St Barth 
Mini dress Eva, a must have in your bagpack


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