The perfect outfit for a day on a boat

Posted on March 22 2017

Boat in St Barth

That’s it! You finally arrived on paradise island, and you are ready to explore it all. In a few hours, you are going to hit the deck of this gorgeous sailboat waiting for you in the harbor of Gustavia and to discover the amazing coasts of St Barth. 
But you cannot just grab your bag and go there. Life on a boat is quite different than on the land. The weather, the ground, the wind, the space… You need to figure all of this out before going there. Fortunately, we are here to give you some pieces of advice.

Protect your skin at all cost

If you don’t already know that, the sun can get pretty bad at sea and you cannot compare an afternoon by the beach with an excursion on a boat. Once you leave the harbor, it can strike very hard on your skin.
And why does it take you by surprise? The wind. It can get so windy when you are on a boat, and not only on a fast yacht. Let us remind you that a sailboat works with the wind. So, while you think the temperatures are totally okay thanks to the fresh air, your skin is actually burning under the heat of the Caribbean sun. But no need to cover everything up, you can stay fashionable and protect yourself at the same time. Opt for a light top with large three-fourth sleeves like our Eva blouse. This way, your shoulders, which are the most vulnerable parts of your body when it comes to sunburn, are protected. Caps, large hats and sunscreen are, of course, part of the trip as well.

Mini Top Blouse Eva - Blue Sunny colorway - Poupette St BarthMini top blouse Eva to protect your shoulders in style

Be practical

Life on a boat is not as easy as it is on the land. Spaces are smaller, the boat is full of bumps, angles and corners and you cannot move as easily as you do anywhere else. That’s why long dresses are not recommended. Depending on your type of skin, skirts and jumpsuits are better options if you want free movements.
Also, no need to go sailing with too many accessories. All you need for this day is a scarf you can wrap around you when it gets chilly on your way back to the harbor. As for shoes, do not forget that you will not need them that much once you are on the boat. So go for flip flops, boat moccasins or any kind of flat shoes easy to remove.

Scarf Chacha - Orange & red colorway - Poupette St BarthChacha scarf for the end of your boat trip

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