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The story of lava stone jewelries

Posted on January 26 2017



There’s a reason why Poupette St Barth chose lava stone to create their iconic necklaces and bracelets. The black volcano material is as porous and light as a feather thanks to the multiple holes that sprinkle its surface and let the air go through it. This magmatic rock fascinates designers from architecture to fashion. But in addition to its mysterious look, lava stone or basalt also has spiritual properties. Usually useful during hot stone massages, basalt is full of oligo-elements and silica. Used by a large amount of cultures, lava stone comes mostly from the ocean, heart of the Earth. Calming emotions, stabilizing chakra, connecting with the Earth… Its properties are endless.


How to include lava stone in your everyday looks?

Being light isn’t the only asset of lava stone. The volcanic rock also has its own personality. From light grey to black anthracite, its style is timeless. Poupette St Barth chose to use its traditional look and give it a touch of glamour to create jewelry you can wear during a getaway on a tropical island as well as in your urban life. Carved in small pearls, basalt keeps its wild aspect while embracing a brand new chic and fashionable side. Worn at the beach lava stone bracelets and necklaces match the exotic atmosphere. In the city, they bring a bohemian touch to your outfit, especially with colorful tassels. And as basalt has a simple look yet really modern, combined with lucky charms and seashells, it gives it authenticity and makes holidays last longer.

Lava stone necklace to enhance your outfits


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