Those things you buy on holidays but never use when you go home

Posted on March 16 2017

St Barth summer beach

We all do that. Going on a traditional market late night in the streets of Bangkok or checking on a beach vendor’s merchandise and here we go, filling our luggage with stuff we don’t need and only liked when on holidays. Why couldn’t we just bring sand back home? We all feel the urge to take a little souvenir we find adorable and so authentic at the moment and it always ends up in a closet.
So what’s the difference between a useful and fashionable buy and a purchase you’re not going to think about afterwards?

It reminds me this Friends episode when Monica comes back from Barbados with braids and seashells at the tip of her hair. Remember how it annoyed her? Same thing goes with those key rings locals make on the beach and you love to wear during your trip.
We know how hard it is for our customers to just choose what they need. Bu the truth is, it’s easier to be tempted with Poupette’s clothes because they are so wearable. You can picture yourself wearing our summer tunics everywhere!

Dress Tunica Aba Poupette St Barth
Dress Tunica Aba for your next sunny destination

What should you buy on holidays?

When it comes to home decor, we’re flexible. Whether it’s a Buddha statuette, a tajine or a Peruvian printed table runner… We’re in. But accessories and clothes are different. All we can advise you is to project yourself with what you’re going to buy. There are countries where it’s easier to find souvenirs you can actually wear or use, such as Mediterranean borders. For example, traditional gladiator shoes when in Greece or in Crete are a must-have. Not only you will use them during your holidays, but also all spring/summer back in the city. Like those pretty Tropeziennes or Espadrilles you’ve found during your trip to French Riviera that goes so well with the Blabla maxi dress you’ve just bought.

Long Dress Blabla Poupette St BarthLong Dress Blabla to shine in the French Riviera



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