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Three fashion essentials to bring on holidays

Posted on May 17 2017

Mini dress Bibi - Poupette St Barth


For those who have problems organizing their holidays, we totally feel you! We are often overwhelmed with holiday feelings when we start packing our luggage for a trip. And sometimes, it is difficult to see clear among all the things we have to do before leaving. Especially if we are the type - and there is nothing wrong with that - to have so many clothes we want to bring with us and so little space in the suitcase. So if you should bring only 3 outfits for a week on an island, here are what they would be: 

…A jumpsuit

short jumpsuit aba poupette st barth

We won’t say it enough: jumpsuits are life saviors. They go with almost everything and absolutely every style. Nothing can beat a jumpsuit combined with greek-style sandals by day and wedges by night. If you have to take only one, we advise you to choose a long one so you can wear it for any occasion. And with Poupette it’s all good since our rompers are light and soft. You will feel like floating inside, even with long legs during the heat wave.


...A mini dress

Mini dress toisy - Poupette St Barth

In town, wearing short clothes isn’t always easy for every woman. But on holidays, you need to embrace your body and let it enjoy every aspect of the trip. Starting with the sun and sea breeze on your thighs and legs! We already know you’ll love to put on a light colorful dress over your swimsuit before heading to the beach. Our favorite this week? The Toiny mini dress and its lovely spaghetti straps and brilliant blue transparent fabric.

…A summer scarf

Scarf Poupette St Barth Blue

This bright piece of fabric can be used for many useful and trendy purposes. First, you need one to cover your shoulders to protect your skin from the sun by day or from the chilly wind by night. And you need to do it with style! Then, you’ll love using it as a head scarf, wrapped around your head, holding your hair or braided in a boho pigtail. Last but not least: did you already try to use it as a pareo? Yep, no need to buy anything else to cover your hips before standing in line at the ice cream truck. Your summer scarf might just be your favorite accessory this season!

Tell us what are your summer essentials!

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