What color should you wear according to your mood?

Posted on August 01 2017

Mini skirt Coco - Poupette St Barth


Day after day, we notice one thing: Black is the easiest shade to wear every day. At work, for a party, for your workout outfits… There is not a single occasion where you cannot wear a black outfit. Except at a wedding, of course.
But at the same time, we strongly believe that colors are required. First, because it is quite hard to wear only one shade without getting tired of it. Secondly, because colors influence your mood. Meaning that you can change and heal your spirit by wearing a purple dress instead of an anthracite one. Fortunately, Poupette is all about upgrading your mood with its joyful clothes!


What should you wear if you are tired?

To no one’s surprise, to boost your mind, you need warm colors. Red, orange and yellow are like vitamins: they bring you courage and energy, and help you fight against sadness. Those colors are perfect before going on holidays or during the weekend after an intense week at work.

Poupette’s selection: Take a vitamins shot by wearing bright colors! Mini dress Bibi in Red or Coco shorts in white lime banana bring a touch of sun in your closet.


Mini dress bibi - Poupette Saint Barth                   Short Coco - Poupette St Barth


What to wear when you are anxious?

 On the contrary, when you are feeling stressed out, you need to soothe your spirit. And to help you achieve a certain peace of mind, psychology studies show that it is important to surround yourself with shades of blue and green. They encourage relaxation and evoke calm and quietude.

Poupette’s selection: Feeling a little bit on edge those past few days? Put on our Flora pants in white and blue or wrap yourself in the cocoon of Chacha blue scarf.


Pant Flora - Poupette St Barth                  Scarf Chacha - Poupette St Barth


What to wear when you need a self-confidence boost?

As blue evokes calm and professionalism you could choose it for a job interview. But if you also need to feel feminine, confident and brave, boost yourself with a touch of pink. Go for bright or fuchsia, as those two strong shades show signs of altruism, energy and trust.

Poupette's selection: Our short jumpsuit Eva in Pink Button might be your new girl boss outfit! Need a little push to feel good about yourself on this first date-night with your boyfriend? Try our Pink Champagne bra as a secret weapon!


Short jumpsuit Eva - Poupette St Barth                Bra pink champagne - Poupette St Barth


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