What St Barth’s style is all about

Posted on March 30 2017

Short Jumpsuit Poupette St barth in Gustavia

Every time someone is mentioning holidays in St Barth, all you can think about is amazing beaches, villas with a view and glamorous people all around. St Barth is difficult to access, that is why so many celebrities come to recharge their batteries without having to worry about privacy. This is also what brings us to the incredibly fashion style that goes around the island. It is like going on trendy vacations since fashion never takes a break. Add the French side of St Barth, and you get the exotic version of St Tropez. So, what does it take to stay stylish under the Caribbean sun?

When in holidays, you need to let all the pressure on your shoulders go. You are ready to feel it all with tons of relaxing activities such as a massage on the beach. But when it comes to style, it is not that different. Holidays are for yourself, and it is time to add a little bit of fun to your daily outfits. Go for stuff you do not usually wear. St Barth is inspiring in so many ways and can help you escape your fashion routine. So leave your heels at home and follow the guide!

St Barth’s beach look

Time to get more creative with your swimwear. Whether printed or really simple, you can play with it by accessorizing it. Here, flip flops are not in the mix. Upgrade your look with authentic Greek sandals or espadrilles. Fashion jewelries are also welcomed like lava stone bracelets or necklaces with those cute colorful tassels. You can even wear a shirt casually tied on the belly or a turquoise poncho dress on top of your swimsuit to match the lagoon color of the Caribbean Sea.

  Bracelet Lava Stone - Light Blue Colorway - Poupette St Barth            Dress poncho Bobo - Aqua animal colorway - Poupette St Barth
Lava stone bracelet / Poncho bobo dress to enjoy the beach  

Fashion and the city   

In the streets of St Barth, all you want to do is to free your legs, because it can get very hot all year long. Maxi vaporous dresses are your allies. Curved on the top such as the Ida dress for chic events or total Greek goddess-style with the Gota long dress, it’s your call. But you will love the feeling of the fabric twirling around your legs. Do not forget to wear a large hat and a summer scarf to protect your shoulders of the sun while visiting the harbor.

Long dress Ida - White colorway - Poupette St barth            Long dress Gota - Blue colorway - Poupette St Barth
Long dresses Ida and Gota to walk around the city

White vs colors

There are two schools of thought in St Barth and the good news is, you can go with both! St Barth is a French island, which means style is really important. And in Summer, white is definitively the new black. A small white dress can be the perfect outfit for a cocktail by the beach or a nice afternoon shopping in Gustavia. When it comes to colors, bright ones are our prescription. Yellow jumpsuit, orange singlet or bright red mini dress… Dress with the shades of the sun.


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