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What to wear for a wedding at the beach?

Posted on June 06 2017

Mini dress Sasha - Poupette St Barth

An invitation for a friend’s wedding arrived this morning, and you are already so happy to attend. Moreover, the ceremony will take place at a beautiful beach. You can already picture the bride walking down the aisle in her luxury lace dress, exotic flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair and the sound of the waves. But here comes one essential thought: what are you going to wear?!

Why are beach weddings special?

If you are used to weddings, you already know the fashion rules: no white if you are not the bride, plan a pair of flat shoes just in case there is lawn, avoid see-through dress or any other too light outfits (you don’t want to offend the great-auntie)…etc. But for a beach wedding, the do’s and don’ts are even more special.



Bando dress Eva - Poupette St Barth

  • Use the environment as an inspiration: It is time to take that seashell minaudière out of the closet! Exotic flowers, starfish shaped-ring, palm tree prints and embroideries… Here comes a world of possibilities!
  • Wear colors: all around you, the sand is white, the water is clear and the bride and her bridesmaids certainly wear ivory dresses. As a guest, you should add some colors that brighten up the crowd! Coral, turquoise, raspberry, mint-green, tangerine… The choice is yours.
  • Protect your head: the sun might hit you hard, especially if you stay for a long time at the beach for the ceremony and the party. Wear a gorgeous hat or a summer scarf for a boho look to avoid sweating and fainting because of the heat!



Long Jumpsuit - Poupette St Barth

  • Wear something too long or too short: on the beach there is sand, so you don’t want your dress to trail on the floor. But seafronts are usually very windy! So a very short dress can be uncomfortable to wear. The right length: ankles for long outfits and a little bit above or below the knees for the short option.
  • Choose heels: dear beach wedding guests, sand is not the place to wear high heels if you don’t want to make a fool of yourselves. Instead, opt for flat shoes with nice charms such as shells, mother of pearl or feathers.
  • Wear a tight outfit: beach weddings are the perfect occasion to attend a formal event without wearing something too compressive. Vaporous dresses, fluid trousers or cosy silk jumpsuits are your new BFFs!


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