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Why is St Barth so attractive?

Posted on March 06 2017

Poupette St Barth Jumpsuit

How did a small island from the Caribbean, that was one of the poorest, become the most attractive and wealthy in the area?

And why, among all islands, did you chose this one for your vacation? You cannot say it is just due to the white sand beaches or the incredible view you get when you step out of the bedroom of the villa you rented for the week. That’s something other islands can offer you. For St Barth, there is something more.

Exquisite French style

St Barth is a really small island, and you will not need many days to discover it all. But it has something pretty attractive: it is French. You’ll absolutely love the white houses and their red roofs in Gustavia. They all surround the harbor, which is always full of yachts and incredible sailboats. That’s something you want to see, especially when the sun goes down. But the island isn’t only small, it’s also tough to access. So it’s not overrun by tourists who invade the amazing St Jean beach. And let’s talk about beaches. There’s a reason why Victoria’s Secret’s photoshoots take place on St Barth beaches. This turquoise water can shade the Victoria’s Angels. Plus, you can choose between a very wild beach such as Saline, Gouverneur and Colombier, or you can go full VIP at Nikki Beach and Eden Rock’s Sand Bar.

Celebrity island and shopping paradise

St Barth is also famous for offering some privacy to anyone. Celebrities are welcome here and can enjoy peaceful holidays as anybody else, without bodyguards. And it’s not hard to pretend you are a star as well. Hidden villas with incredible views can be rented from affordable to really expensive prices. Here, luxury services are not as expensive as you might think, and a concierge can take care of your vacations. Walking through the streets facing the harbor, you’ll discover the best shopping spot in the Caribbean. Luxury brands rub shoulders with marine stores in a great harmony. Poupette’s store is located right in the nerve center of the city, with a selection of St Barth clothing. Don’t forget to come say hello!
Winter holidays are pretty busy on the island. Especially New Year’s Eve because of all the parties you can attend. And St Barth isn’t only a place you go to chill. People there enjoy the day from sunset to late evening. Taking the car, going from one beach to another, driving through the place as if you were home, spending the afternoon in Gustavia and then eat in one of the french Caribbean style restaurants in the harbor is pretty much what a day in St Barth looks like.



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