Poupette St Barth x Vilebrequin



Saint Barth meets Saint Tropez in a unique collaboration designed for year-round Riviera-inspired style. Vilebrequin’s bold prints join forces with Poupette Saint Barth’s chic dresses for a special capsule collection that deserves a spot in your wardrobe. A collaborative venture between two iconic brands that brings the perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness, luxury and beach aesthetic, offering a multitude of summer looks.

Discover Vilebrequin and Poupette St Barth's capsule collection

Sasha: our iconic short dress, a relaxed and effortless beach style

Vilebrequin, a brand that speaks to the untamed spirit within

Embracing the essence of saltwater and sunshine, Vilebrequin epitomizes a dedication to summers and vacations since its inception in 1971 in St Tropez. Quality pieces embody respect for our seas and shores, ensuring timeless style meets sustainability.

Basking in sunshine and the sweetness of life

An ode to summer radiance, the Poupette St Barth and Vilebrequin collection is a tribute to carefree elegance, inviting warmth and timeless style into your wardrobe. Let the sun shine and expect nothing less than sophistication with the iconic Orange Iris Flower print, where perfect hints of turquoise meet the enveloping brightness of orange.

A shared environmental commitment

Concerned about reducing the impact of their designs on the environment, Vilebrequin and Poupette St Barth are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using sustainable materials and minimizing waste production in their supply chains.