Poupette St Barth pays tribute to the beauty of nature and its plurality. Prints are conceived and designed by our studio as an invitation to travel in the magical world of St Barth and Bali Islands. The print story takes us to a colorful whirlwind, a flower cloud where we admire the beauty of details. In each collection you'll find 4 main patterns that are a visual creative symbiosis : the Floral, the Animal, the Batik and the Geometric.


Spring 21 is a getaway, a sumptuous adventure toward freedom. This collection is the celebration of the moment present for the women in love with life. There are flowers that look like beautiful aquarel paintings, charming parrots that spread their wings and retro designs with deep lines. Discover the stunning florals yet delicate that blossom in Poupette St Barth's garden! Carpe Diem!


Resort 21 is about cheeky monkeys, romantic birds, big & small exotic flowers of multiple tones. From pastel to vibrant colors, absract lines, discreet or present, Poupette St Barth has created visual accidents & dynamic accelerations.