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Jumpsuit at Porto Cervo, Sardaigne

 Jumpsuit Abel, Beline, Gael , Juliette, Lara or Kim short or long are the perfect “ready to go “ outfit, you can spend the day in bikini playing with the ocean , then decide to go out, a shower, make up and quickly wear a jumpsuit and look very elegant, feminine and sexy to go out !

Perfect for Porto Cervo

From a boat to a cute restaurant or a cocktail in a private villa or another boat. The jumpsuit are  bando, singlet short sleeve, short or long which is matching every area of Porto Cervo, either quite periode or sailing boat race events !

White Pink, white Persian, coral cone, blue jean, cherry, viscose, silk satin, silk crinkle etc… there is obviously one matching every mood and every places !

Jumpsuits for Porto Cervo

With Poupette Ready-to-wear jumpsuits and outfits, you no longer need to match anything, because you can combine shoes and accessories very easily. They can resemble mini dresses, while it allows you to ride a scooter or jump up on a boat without having to pay attention to the gesture you are doing.  Of course, the design is still elegant, glamour, feminine and sexy on account of the fabrics: silk, silk satin, viscose or viscose crinkle and because of the embellishment. It can be a luxury traveler item which is easy to pack : it doesn’t take any space if it is folded !
Easy to match, ready to wear !

They is usually either short or long, deep V, wide sleeves, long sleeves , singlet , bando or bando with straps, at any rate they are all very feminine and match perfectly the spirit of Porto Cervo and Sardaignes. The waist is definitely comfortable with adjustable cord or soft elastic and perfectly adjusted. It perfectly fits Arzachena spirit and Olbia-Tempio province fashion and way of life...
Solid color with embroideries, small flower, geometrics, all are fresh and feminine. The ss15/16 poupette stBarth collection offers 6 shorts styles and 6 long styles.