Lookbook Spring Summer 23

Shirt Azia - White Orange Botanique



Poupette Giraud's never-ending source of inspiration is the island of Saint-Barth... It's on this little paradise, this bit of intimate eternity, that Poupette cultivates her inner garden. Surrounding her is a life-giving nature. This is how Poupette embraces life and dreams with her eyes wide open. And in her flowered dress, Poupette is the flower among the flowers. Poupette is a garden by herself.

Poupette St Barth's dresses invite us to sensory escapades.

In this way, the cottons are enriched with ornaments. The embroidered cotton is composed of a delicate white openwork embroidery in the form of small flowers while the plumetis cotton is characterized by its small dots in 3D. These two new finishes emphasize the delicate three-dimensional effect of the designs by Poupette St Barth. Both provide a stronger fall and a more sensual feel.

The combination of viscose and viscose crepe will create visual contrasts by playing with transparency, shine and mattness. Between dry and silky feel, Poupette always offers her crepe or crumpled effects for her cottons, viscose, and silks.

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