Poupette St Barth Kids Clothes

Mom and daughter are sometimes so fusionnel and so much the same, it was really obvious to do a ‘mini me’ range! On one hand the little girls can really look like Mom their goddess, and on the other hand and the mother can play with the miniature concept!

As we wanted to keep the mimetism effect, the kids items look excatly the same as the women range, except the fact that they are revised to fit the body and kids lifestyle! First of all we selected the most practical items, and we did modifications with a lot of attention, for example, under arm, front opening are smaller and the shorts are design to run, roll up and play all day long!

All the clothing for kids can be washed as much as needed.

The Kids collection is composed of tops: blouse, mini blouse, singlet and top bando. Abel, Candy, Dalia blouse, in plain viscose or cotton voile are loose shape to be worn with a short, easy to move, to play but still looking like a perfect wise little girl… Abel, Beline, Dalia or Kim Singlet are in cotton crinckle, cotton voile, or mesh cotton. They are fluid , slightly with more straight shapes, to wear over a bikini to go to the beach or to play around the pool, they can be matched with short or skirt of the same or contrasted fabric. The Bando tops are in smoked printed viscose, they are really looking like the top of a princess dress, and they are still easy to wear for running everywhere! They can be combined with skirt, shirt or leggings! The color choice is very large as we decline them nearly in all the prints of the collection.

There are 11 dresses, tunics, mini dresses and bando dresses, Beline, Dalia, Heni, Fanie, the fabrics are viscose print, cotton voile, viscose embroidered, viscose crinckle and printed cotton. Long sleeves, bandeau, singlet, short sleeves Mom can find all the shapes for her mini me ! There are 9 boxer shorts, they are much more looking like candies due to the size of those cuties, a very big variety of color choice and prints, from red flower to blue red pineapple, coral fringe, geometric red, coral or blue, zebra, red, blue, green … The shapes are the same as the women, elastic waist, each style is unique thanks to the different trims, lace, tassle, pompom…

4 skirts, very flattering with the adjusted waist, they are all different in terms of details, with ruffles, pleat, flat or elastic. Fabrics are cotton viscose, easy to combine with tops, bando or swimwear during the day, or silk ,silk crinkle for the cocktail parties!  4 jumpsuits, 3 shorts and 1 long, this is the best garment for kids, all in one and ready to wear, before or after the beach, the little ones look very nice and fresh at anytime ! Abel, Beline and Lara family, plain color with very big embroideries, or cotton viscose printed with pineapple, coral geometrics or coral cone, coral fringe.

3 style of bra and panties, viscose plain, or printed, the smoked bra are really cute and easy to wear under a garment or alone with assorted bloomer, as a lounge wear or as ‘underwear’ or cotton swimwear after a day at the beach, it is very practical, comfortable and really lovely.