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Shirts and Tops in Paris

It is summer, the roads are nearly empty, it is the best time of the year to enjoy Paris and to wear a Poupette st Barth Blouse  while having  a breakfast in the terrace of café de Flore, St Germain …

Blouse Abel and its flare sleeves, with a denim or Abel boxer short, with flat sandals and a raffia basket to carry your computer will give you the feeling to be again a little bit in st Barth. The Blue cone print inspired by the wedding of the ocean and the sky of st Barth, will make you feel fresh, aerial and feminine in Paris

You will be seduced by the black version of the blouse candy and its ruffle to be the perfect outfit for spending the evening at the theatre…your withe slim and those beautiful black stilettos will be the right match !

Parisian fashion

The version cherry and coral lime will make you feel fresh to walk along la Seine or have an Ice cream on the St Louis island… another type of island.  Let’s wear a Kim cotton mesh shirt over a denim short and stiletto to catch the subway, the bus to go to work!  Inspired by the fishermen net it will make you feel a little bit like a St Barth Mermaid in the fish net of the city… 

You can also decide to wear a Bamboo shirt in white silk for this 5 o’clock ice tea date at La place des Vosges … Poupette st Barth is made for traveler chic, but it is also very well matching a city place like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona or London during Summer time.

Cotton viscose, silk satin, silk crinckle , navy jean, black mint, white, blue flowers, red flowers, lemon chrome, coral all these colors inspired by st Barth will find their place in town and make you feel feminine and free.