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Skirts in LA, short and long

Always with a flat waist to look feminine and fitted, but with an adjustable belt to stay comfortable …they are very long or short, Poupette st Barth skirts are in both cases so fresh and feminine.

It is a festival of colors and fabrics, viscose print red or blue flower, coral, blue geometric or red, green, blue zebra, cotton sari lemon chrome, coral, white, pink , scuba blue or aqua, silk crinkle coral, red or blue cone, geometric or zebra, and silk satin white pink, white Persian, white blue, coral lime, coral pink, black pink, blue aqua, blue Persia.

Short skirt flare shapes with ruffles to go shopping on rodeo drive, have a look at the vintage stuff on Melrose, or to go the beach to Venice. The long skirts will be your favorite for an evening or a Sunday walk in Santa Barbara or Venice.

Perfect skirts in LA

Assorted with a  singlet or a silk shirt, a hat and flat shoes, you will be ready for a lunch in town or to have a look at the ocean from venice and walking along the skate park.If you decide to take the road to Hungtington, Newport or Laguna, your Poupette st Barth clothing will be the best choice to spend the day outside!

Every woman will feel, feminine and sexy in Beline, Candy , Lou, Dalia  or Chacha mini skirt as in Juliette Long skirt…