Iconic Pieces



    Poupette St Barth aims to elevate its timeless appeal through its most iconic creations. These pieces celebrate craftsmanship, high-quality materials, bright colors, and classic designs. Building the legacy of a brand that has redefined elegance and charm in every stitch, these inimitable beachwear chic styles are wardrobe essentials and best-sellers, each telling a story steeped in island aesthetic and luxury. Discover what truly defines Poupette St Barth with our enduring classics.

    Timeless fashion to add to your wish-list

    Each iconic outfit has its own unique style, lending to its versatile appeal:

    Azia Blouse: A floaty and uniquely feminine piece, with a front tie for a bohemian touch
    Iconic Bianca Dress: A must-have in our collection for a glamorous and sophisticated look
    Soledad Pants: Fluidity meets lightness, for effortless elegance on all occasions
    Ariane Top: Refined details highlight the waist and shoulders, creating a romantic and nomadic style

    Traditional Balinese craftsmanship at the heart of our creations

    Our women's summer designs are crafted by expert hands, paying attention to finishes and details. From embroideries to delicate drapes and neckline accents, each element adds to Poupette St Barth's unique charm. The culmination of many hours of passionate work, each piece is a precious creation.

    From multicolored beachwear to iconic prints

    Vibrant and daring, the Poupette St Barth color palette defines the uniqueness of our collections. Each handmade summer garment is available in bohemian patterns, inspired by modern art and nature. Whether it's a day in the city with friends, an afternoon at the beach with family, or a cocktail party in a far-flung destination, Poupette elevates any event.

    Iconic and durable summer clothes

    Chic and comfortable, our icons are made from sustainable materials: 100% of our cotton is certified Better Cotton, and 97% of our viscose comes from sustainably managed forests. By minimizing the impact of our pieces on the environment, we aim to show that fashion can be high-quality, ethical, and responsible.

    Create your custom summer wardrobe

    Whether you're feeling bohemian, glamorous, or romantic, our selection of iconic women's clothing allows you to express your personality. From floral satin viscose tops to white silk blouses to embroidered cotton dresses, create a summer wardrobe that reflects your style and turns every day into a true escape.

    "Each iconic piece has its own story, woven through a journey..."