Poupette St Barth embraces diversity, ethics, and sustainability, ensuring inclusivity within its workforce and offering fair wages to all. Beyond this, we hold a deep respect for Balinese culture, acknowledging its significance and aiming to continue its rich heritage. In our own garment manufacturer, we actively foster worker’s awareness of sustainable fashion through comprehensive education and engaging workshops. Our commitment extends beyond mere employment; it's about empowering individuals, honoring their skills, and nurturing a work environment that cherishes both diversity and the traditions that shape us.


We believe that the heart of our success lies in the well being of our employees. We adhere rigorously to local government regulations and industry standards to guarantee fair compensation and uphold the well-being of our workforce. We dedicated to fostering a positive and safe workplace environment by practicing four key principles. 

Fair Compensation: Ensuring competitive salaries and benefits that reflect skills and contributions and also following local government regulations and industry standards.

Safe and Inclusive Workspaces: Our standards include strict safety protocols, anti-discrimination policies, and a culture that embraces diversity, ensuring a workspace where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued.

Professional Development: Investing in training to strengthen employee skills

Open Communication: Transparent channels for feedback, ensuring concerns are promptly addressed. 

As a brand created by women, for women, with over 80% of the workforce female, it's important for us to have gender equality. As a result, just over half of our managerial positions are held by women.


As part of our ongoing development. We prioritize sustainability engagement across all levels of our organization.This initiative ensures that, from executive members to managers and staff is not only familiar with but actively involved in integrating sustainability into their day-to-day work as a collective effort.



At the heart of our operation lies a dedicated team of in house skilled artisans  handcrafting each and every one of our garments within the confines of our very own production facility. This intentional decision is pivotal in maintaining transparent journey into our manufacturing processes, enabling us to uphold our ethical and sustainable standards, which are fair working condition and responsible manufacturing. Our commitment to in-house craftsmanship not only ensures a seamless integration of our values into every thread but also guarantees that our products are born out of a genuine dedication to quality and sustainability. We take proactive steps to prioritize health and safety not only in our back office but also in our own garment manufacturing facilities.

In alignment with local government assurances, we ensure our employees have access to essential healthcare coverage, reaffirming our commitment to their overall well-being. Our Health and Safety protocols are comprehensive, designed to create a secure working environment that adheres to stringent guidelines for occupational safety. 

Within our back office and garment manufacturing facilities, these measures include regular safety audits, first aids for accidents mechanism, and the implementation of emergency response plans. Our goal is to foster an environment where every employee feels secure, supported, and equipped to perform their duties in a safe and healthy setting.



In our quest for social responsibility as a fashion brand, we have adopted an initiative with a purpose that goes beyond mere fashion. Inspired by our commitment to tackling environmental and social challenges, we have forged a meaningful partnership with Togean Naturale. 

Togean Naturale has empowered women in villages across Indonesia. The company began by producing emission-free body care and wellness products with the women's community of Togean, Sulawesi. Today, Togean Naturale has also created other women's communities in Papua and Bali with various projects aimed at helping women in rural areas of Indonesia to improve their skills and life conditions.  

This collaboration with Poupette St Barth, born of our fabric, revolves around the innovative reuse of discarded materials, with a particular focus on recycling fabric waste. At the heart of this collaboration lies a profound goal: not only to minimize our ecological footprint, but also to empower the women in our community. Through skills development initiatives, we are passing on new skills to these women, enabling them to produce and providing them with a means of cultivating additional sources of income. 

This program goes beyond a commitment to sustainability. It's about making a real impact, not just on the environment, but on the lives of the women we aim to empower. Our efforts are straightforward: we're not just redefining fashion, we're weaving a narrative where style blends harmoniously with social and environmental responsibility.