As the dresses, the jumpsuit is a ready to wear category: you do not need to match anything else! You will have only to combine shoes and accessories. They can look like mini dresses but they are more comfortable to wear exactly like a short, you can ride a scooter or jump on a boat without paying attention to the gesture you do.

Of course, the style is still elegant, glamour, feminine and sexy thanks to the fabrics: silk, silk satin, viscose or viscose crinkle and thanks to the embellishment. It is a luxury traveler item as it is easy to pack : it doesn’t take any space when it is folded ! 

Jumpsuits for women

They can be either short or long, deep V, wide sleeves, long sleeves , singlet , bando or bando with straps, in any case they are all very feminine. The waist is always comfortable with adjustable cord or soft elastic and perfectly adjusted.

Solid color with embroideries, small flower, geometrics, flower fringe, zebra, coral lime, red, blue, white persian etc…. they are all fresh and feminine. As the shorts and pants they are ideal from morning to evening, showing your legs or protecting them if you choose to wear a long or a short one. The ss15/16 poupette stBarth collection offers 6 shorts styles and 6 long styles.