Shorts & Pants

Shorts are the iconic items of the collection, Poupette designed short since the very beginning, 20 years ago when she started selling to her friends in the garden of this beautiful house.

Short are comfortable and feminine, easy to wear with a swimwear top, no shoes, or to go out with a shirt and stiletto…1 item and many possibilities, it is the best friend of the traveler because it is very light and do not take space in a bag !

They are like candies in the boutique, we love them because they are small and cute, either in silk, crochet or denim, we want to have them all!They are all comfortable with loose shape, fluid fabric, pleasant to wear due to the fact there is no tight belt, the cut is done to keep the women feminine and comfy. They protect you against the mosquitoes under tropical climate.



The range is composed of 13 references, each of them are available from 5 to 12 colors.

They are solid with embroideries or all over printed, as the rest of the collection. You can find short in every family: Abel, Candy, Beline, Edma, Bamboo, Lou, Laeti, Melo, Abel, Kim… they follow the same kind of embellishment.The fabrics are silk, silk satin, viscose embroidered or printed, cotton lace, cotton mesh, crochet or denim with ikat or crochet trims.

There are all short length and sexy, most of the time with adjustable waist, boxer shape or in between short and skirt for the candy reference.The short can be combined with a blouse, either with the same printed fabric for a total look, or completely contrasted.

As we said before it would be possible to wear the same item to go to the beach, lunch or to party, depending of what you decide to wear on top, and depending of shoes and accessories. We prints and colors are the same as the rest of the collection, geometrics, fruits (pineapple), animal (zebra with bright fresh colors as green, blue or red), and all inspired by the mythic island, scuba blue, blue aqua, coral lime etc….The denim ones are authentic vintage. They are embellished with Poupette’s touch, either with cotton lace or Ikat yoke, and contrasted color trims. One size only for the happy few!



There are 5 references of pants, cotton lace, all over printed or plain color hand driven embroidered. The cotton lace has an integrated boxer short to be wearable very safely. That one is quite elegant and his purpose is much more to go out in the evening rather than going to the beach. The cotton lace reminds the French ‘dentelle de calais’ which is handmade belong the French tradition. The colors are also the favorite colors to enhance the gold skin, as white, black and coffee.

Poupette made this pant as a very sexy garment for the ones who do not dare to wear short…The shapes are loose but always elegant due to the choice of the fabrics, silk, satin silk, crinkle silk, viscose, cotton lace or rayon…As the short, you can combine them with a swim top to go to the beach, or with a shirt or blouse for a lunch or an evening cocktail.

It is the perfect garment to wear for those who don’t want to show their legs or want to protect them against mosquitoes during the night but keeping being feminine and glamour.