Shirts & Tops

This is our best-loved category! The absolute item to bring with your when you have a few days of adventure to spend on a yacht or sailing, or to stay on a luxury resort ,boutique hotel, spa or beach house !

Shirts and blouse are the typical spontaneous purchase, easy to wear, and easy to match - Depending on the way you will match them, with a denim or silk short , with a slim fit pant, combined with stiletto or sandals, they will give you a casual or very chic look !  This is the reason why we love them because they are versatile as women can be, depending of their mood or depending of the moment… and they do not take a lot of place in a suit case… 

Shirts & Tops

Poupette st Barth shirts & tops are matching destinations as St Barth, Corsica, Sardaigne, The Keys, The Hamptons, Ibiza, The Seychelles, Mallorca, Casa de Campo, Capri, Porto Cervo, Spetses etc…. every unique, beautiful and refines island where you reconnect to nature, to your emotions, your femininity , your desire of feeling free, beautiful by enjoying the now and the simplicity of life ! It is the perfect outfit to have in the week end bag of Poupette st Barth travelers clients! Not only because you do not have to iron to keep them looking good …but because you can wear them from sunrise to sunset. Poupette and her designers loves to beautify women, so they created a variety of shapes always having in mind the goal of glamorizing all type of bodies.

The shapes are created to glamorize all kind of body, Singlet, long sleeves, tight, very loose, deep V shapes, naked shoulders, every woman will find the good match to feel gorgeous ,seductress, more sensual , feminine and fresh. SS15-16 Blouse and shirt Poupette stBarth collection is offering 28 different references, each of them are available in 3 to 7 different colors or all over print options, which gives a wild variety of choice ! The fabrics are solid or mixed & matched, in cotton voile, silk, silk crinkle, viscose, cotton, cotton viscose, viscose crinkle, cotton lace as precious as old traditional lace of Calais ‘dentelle de Calais’, but always only natural fabrics, easy to wear under tropical climate and always showing a light and fluid silhouette.

They are chosen to remind the nature, for example the silk crinkle reminds the movement of the ocean and it is an indomitable fabric exactly as some women are … The colors are created as an artist would do, to perfectly enhance all the possibilities of skin colors. The names of the colors are an invitation to come to st Barth as they are inspired by the landscapes: scuba blue, coral lime, kaki oasis, nautical blue, blue Persian, aqua, rainbow, lemon chrome, red coral, black mint … The designers are spending hours to set up the cut and sewing details to get the maximum of advantage from the fabric and the shape. Always having in mind the idea of sublimating the woman whatever body they could have…

The Blouse and all garments Poupette are designed to be as comfortable as a second skin, because the best clothing is not to wear any! So we try to make them as light and easy to wear as possible, but always chic, elegant, graceful and stylish …There is also a lot of work in the details, embroideries, prints, finishing, choice of fabric to unveil the silhouette in a subtle way but keeping the women sexy without showing anything….

When you come to the boutique and have to select a blouse, it is like being in a candy shop, it is fresh, full of colors, with a large choice of prints and fabrics, you would love to have them all! The blouse Abel is composed of a deep V blouse, Flare shape, very well finished by a front embroidery along the neck. It exists either in plain color or all over printed with flowers, geometrics or zebra, or a long sleeve with very large front embroidery and boat collar.

The blouse Candy is sleeveless shape, deep V neck, solid color with embroidery or ruffles. The Blouse Dalia is in printed cotton voile, long sleeves, deep front opening and front pleated with embroideries. The blouse fanie is white viscose with contrasted embroideries all along the V neck and the sleeves. Kim blouse is in cotton mesh to remind the fishermen net, with contrasted embroideries on the side of the garment. The mesh is very easy to wear under tropical weather, either to go to the beach over a bikini top or to go out with a lovely feminine bra.

The blouse Lara is in cotton voile with a very precise placement of the print detail on the sleeves, and embellished with embroideries along the sexy deep V collar. And so on because Melo, Chacha, Heni, Dalia, Beline, Juliette, Edma, Ida, and absolutely all different by shapes, fabrics, embroideries or colors….

Shirts and Blouse are all unique because our process of fabrication is using a lot of handwork, either to dye the cotton voile for instance (as we can process by small quantities only, it is impossible to do twice exactly the same), or to do the embroideries, they are made one by one, with a human being driving the machine, or with small detail exclusively done by hand.Every item is unique as every woman and it is always a pleasure to discover the one matching your mood, personality, skin color or body shape !