Our elegant dress collection is designed to fit every fashion taste. From chic mini dresses to luxurious long sundresses, each design is thoughtfully made from fine silk or premium cotton. Our handmade pieces stand out with exceptional attention to detail and refined aesthetics, from the fabric selection to the finishing touches.

  • Sasha: a must-have for warm, casual summer days
  • Camila: bold colors for versatile day-to-night wear
  • Claire: the ultimate beach dress, blending comfort with elegance
  • Tesorino: a cute and casual floral sundress

Crafted with care

Our beachwear dresses are born of passion and precision, stitched by expert hands that understand the art of summer elegance. Each design celebrates leisure and luxury; every thread is a testament to quality and every embellishment adds a touch of seaside sophistication. Our careful crafting process guarantees that each dress not only captures the breezy essence of St. Barth’s but also holds the distinctive signature of refined beachwear fashion.

Premium fabric selection

Experience in the tactile appeal of our premium fabrics, hand-selected with our environment in mind. The luxurious comfort of our Better Cotton Initiative-approved cotton harmonizes with the graceful elegance of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ silk. Our collection of women's dresses, thoughtfully crafted, promises both comfort and high-end fashion finesse, enriching your wardrobe for every season's story.

Versatile styles for every occasion

Our collection is versatile, capturing the essence of St Barth's leisure and luxury for any occasion on your horizon. Each piece, from our handcrafted shirt dresses to our light-as-air floral sundresses, is a tribute to the island's spirit, crafted to carry you with effortless grace from sun-soaked beach mornings to sophisticated sunset soirees.

Attention to detail

We treasure every minute detail that adds to the uniqueness of our pieces. The craftsmanship of our artisans, from the understated elegance of short sleeves to the impeccable drape of a sundress, reflects a tradition of precision. Every stitch, print, and contour is imbued with the spirit of St Barth, enhancing the beauty and distinctiveness inherent to our creations.

Find your perfect piece today

Transform your style with our hand-selected range of women's beachwear. Whether you're seeking a timeless treasure or a modern fashion statement, you’ll find it within our collection to articulate your unique elegance. Venture through our summer selection today, and embrace the serenity of St Barth's style as your own.